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Pergamano - Coasters (4)


These coasters are special because you can place your own small parchment piece inside them. Make and give them as gifts or decorate your own coffee tables. The coasters are reusable and can easily be exchanged for another creation. Made from clear plastic and come 4 to a package.

Size of coaster is: 4" x 4 " (9cm x 9cm)




Pergamano - Paper! stamps & multi grids Magazine (Special #2)


Paper! stamps & multi grids is the continuation of part 1 of the successful magazine Paper! This edition is again filled with beautiful cards guaranteed to bring you lots of crafting pleasure.




Pergamano - Papier! tampons & grilles polyvalentes Magazine (Special #2)


Papier! Timbres-poste et des grilles multiples est la continuation de la partie 1 du magazine à succès Paper! Cette édition est à nouveau rempli de belles cartes garantie pour vous apporter beaucoup d'artisanat plaisir.




Pergamano Paper! Stamps & Multi Grids 4


No. 4 in the successful series Paper! With attractive Christmas designs. Suitable for every level of card making. It has 32 pages full color with 30 different projects.




Pergamano Papier! - tampons & grilles polyvalentes 4


N ° 4 dans le Livre série à succès! De motifs de Noël attractif. Convient à tous les niveaux de la fabrication de cartes. Il dispose de 32 pages couleurs avec 30 projets différents.





 Pergamano - Loving Hearts M3

Loving Hearts Heart shapes are the central theme for this magazine that contains eight patterns. The number of possibilities this theme offers will surprise you. Nice to give to someone who has a special place in your heart!



Pergamano - Christmas Pattern Booklet  (M4)


This booklet contains patterns for 6 different beautiful Christmas scenes.

Back by popular demand, quantities are limited!




Pergamano - Flowers in Pastel M6




Pergamano - Leisure Activities Pattern Booklet

This recreational pattern booklet meets the increasing demand for more manly designs. If you wish to give your husband, a friend, neighbor or any man a pleasant surprise, then you are on the right track with the splendid patterns from this booklet. The fine and varied designs by Anneke Oostmeijer will warm a man's heart. 




Pergamano - Memories M16

Creative embellishments of Memory Books is all the rage. Parchment paper lends itself beautifully to the practice. This pattern booklet M16 offers six so called memory page patterns, each a parchment paper frame for more than one photo of a particular theme (wedding, baby, family, etc . . .) Your much loved photo's display elegantly with parchment paper designs and borders.




Pergamano - Eastern Pattern Booklet  M19


The M19 is a pattern booklet that contains six elegant cards with Chinese charter letters. The powerful colors of the Fantasy Paper accent the designs wonderfully.




Pergamano - Christmas  M21

This pattern booklet contains six Christmas patterns meant for the experienced parchment enthusiast. These are traditional designs with lots of perforating and cutting.




Pergamano - M26  Parchment Papers 1


Cards are made in different way on various kinds of Pergamano parchment paper.  Beautiful cards with a lot of perforating and cutting, made of rainbow, marbled and fantasy.





 Pergamano -  M27 Embroidery on Parchment


After the introduction of the sets Embroidery on Parchment paper 1 and 2, the embroidery technique is use in various parchment cards.  In this magazine we show 7 beautiful combinations of fine embroidery on the softly colored Fantasy Parchment.





Pergamano -  Congratulations and invitations  (M30)


Nice cards for weddings and other occasions.  This pattern booklet has 7 perfect patterns for weddings and anniversaries.  The patterns vary in difficulty.  For the Pergamano enthusiasts who would like to make their wedding invitations themselves, we have added some very simple designs.





Pergamano - Dresden Flowers  M32

Lovely cards and gift tags with flower designs, some of which are done using the Dresden Flower technique. This technique, which originally stems from porcelain painting, uses multiple layers of Tinta to create a beautiful play of light and shadow.




Pergamano - M36 Christmas  (Only 1 available)


A magazine with six renewed Christmas patterns. Beautiful painting in combination with renewed perforations.


1947.jpg (38170 bytes)




Pergamano - M37 Alphabet


Thanks to the very successful alphabet patterns that were published a while ago, we now created a follow-up.  A new alphabet design that can be combined with every pattern from this magazine or with any of your favorite frame designs which will produce a wonderful card.  In the heart of the magazine you find a sheet with the whole alphabet.


1949-M39.jpg (16224 bytes)




Pergamano - Home decorations  M39


Due to popular demand a magazine with bigger projects.  A variety of different home decorations are included in this magazine such as: picture frame, a painting and a beautiful fan that will look lovely hanging on the wall.  And when you bring out the coffee on a serving tray from this magazine you will surely impress your guests.


1953.jpg (14517 bytes)



Pergamano - Religious Designs  M43

We have received a lot of questions regarding religious patterns.  Therefore we produced the magazine with six patterns, that are made on different kinds of parchment paper. This magazine patterns such as a congratulation card for the first communion and a baptism card.





Pergamano - Stained Glass Designs,  M44


This magazine consists of 6 original patterns that are based on the beautiful stained glass. The stained glass motifs are used in projects like cards, a bookmark and a very decorative little box. The motifs have been worked out in striking colors with Perga Colors Exclusive and Dorso. A wonderful magazine. The most beautiful projects can be created in relatively little time because all the patterns are printed on parchment paper, which is included.




Pergamano - M45 Parchment 3-D

In this magazine registered Pergamano® teacher Loesje van den Berg shows us in her very own way, how 3-D parchment can be used in parchment craft. She has combined several kinds of colored (parchment) papers with 3-D elements and techniques like cutting and perforating. The elements have often been embossed and in a lot of cases consist of the several layers. This gives the cards a distinct 3-D effect. The result is six modern cards that give a different view on parchment craft.




Pergamano - M46 Christmas

We have created this magazine due to the continuous demand for new Christmas patterns. The magazine has been designed by registered Pergamano® teacher Annieta Vries. The projects have been worked out in lovely colors, so your family and friends will absolutely be delighted to receive them!




Pergamano - Easy Grid patterns M48


Registered Pergamano® teacher Lena Cools inspired us with her pieces in which embroidery patterns are key. Her work was the basis for this magazine, in which all the perforations combine to create the final picture on the pieces. You will discover that it is very much fun to work with the Easy-Grid in this way. The technique is suitable for beginners as well as advanced crafters.




Pergamano - Scrapbook Ideas, M50


Scrap booking is the perfect way to decorate the pages in your photo album and give it an even more personal touch. Registered Pergamano® teacher Ellie de Haan shows you that parchment craft offers many options for scrapbooks. The photo album pages all show photos that have been decorated with lovely borders, using several different parchment craft techniques. For beginners to advanced crafters, it presents a whole new challenge!




 Pergamano - M53 Painting with Tinta

You can paint parchment paper in a number of ways. Painting with tinta is sometimes overlooked. So that makes this magazine very worthwhile. This magazine contains six wonderful projects, which also use the new colors of Tinta pastel.




Pergamano - M54 Classic Designs


This magazine is in keeping with Martha Ospina’s successful book “Classic designs.” Naturally, Martha Ospina is once again the author. It contains pure parchment craft projects, with a great deal of white work. This means that the magazine is better suited for advanced parchment crafters.




Pergamano - M58, Tinta pastel


The fact that lovely painting can be done with tinta pastel is confirmed by the pieces in this magazine, all designed by Martha Ospina. She did the pieces using the unusual one stroke technique. She explains this technique, along with detailed instructions and photo’s depicting the super sharp detail of this skill. Especially for this technique we developed the new Perga brushes.




Pergamano - M59 Luxuriance of flowers

Flower patterns are always favorites among many, and it is also certain that the designs from this magazine will fall tastefully to those. The creations are made by Hiskia Wittenaar, who was also responsible for the M55. To enhance the painted flowers even more, beautiful white-work has been chosen to surround them.




Pergamano - M60 Christmas

Six fantastic Christmas patterns, which have all been made with the new, embossing and perforating diagonal grid. It gives a wonderful impression of what u can do with this grid. The creations of this magazine are made by the well-known Pergamano® teacher Daniëlle Benz and the coordinator of Germany Waltraud Gessner. The last mentioned person is part of the base in creating the new grid.




Pergamano - M61 Wedding

Just as Christmas and births, weddings are a big theme with card makers. Well-known Pergamano® teacher Pauline van Bijleveld created 6 cards for this occasion. The cards are to be used to congratulate those getting married, or used as invitations to the wedding itself.




Pergamano - M62 Templates patterns

In this magazine well-known Pergamano® teacher Mieke Sprenger shows us what is possibilities are all possible with the self-adhesive templates. There are templates used for embossing work but also for painting with perga liners and the perga colors. A real challenge for everyone who wants to push the template to its’ fullest potential.




Pergamano - Pattern Booklet embossing on Parchment  M63 $12.08



Pergamano - Pattern diagonal Grid Patters  M64 $12.08



Pergamano - Elegant White working pattern booklet  (M68)

Patterns for 5 parchment crafts cards and one fan, using the very elegant white working technique.




Pergamano - Black Vellum pattern booklet (M70)

This booklet has 6 patterns to make bright and colorful cards using the new black vellum




Pergamano - Snowmen (M75)


If you are looking for a nice card for the winter period, then you must not miss magazine M75 Snowmen. The magazine contains 6 patterns for cards with the cutest snowmen you have ever seen. The snowmen were painted by Gerti Hofman using perga liners.




Pergamano - Fruits & flowers  (M80)

Sara Keen’s first magazine (M74) was a great success. After these white work projects she has now picked up the brush and made this wonderful magazine. She has used a painting technique on the cards in which she works with perga liners and dorso oil. In this magazine you will find three flower cards and three fruit cards.




Pergamano - Colorful white work  (M81)

In this magazine you will find a collection of different styles of cards which, in a special way, include either a heart or flower shape. The maker of this magazine, Mary G. Kerr (Scotland), was able to subtly combine white work with color. The designs are easy and suitable to work out in various ways.




Pergamano - Sceneries  M82

The six cards in this magazine are designed and created by registered Pergamano® teacher Pat Hosking (UK). Each card illustrates a unique and beautiful landscape, painted with perga colors exclusive to create a special water-color effect. Many parchment crafters find it difficult to paint. But in this magazine Pat Hosking has tried to make the paint work as easy as possible, without the need to learn a special painting technique.




Pergamano - M84 Challenging White Work


White work is something many just can’t get enough of! As is the case for registered Pergamano teacher Paoling Lin from Taiwan. She has compiled this very diverse Magazine, which includes a Barbie dress, five small candy boxes, a white work box and two cards. It is an excellent Magazine to use for making a beautiful piece for all kinds of occasions and holidays.





Pergamano - Garden Cards with Perga Colors Exclusive (M86)


In M86 Garden cards with Perga Colours exclusive special attention is given to the technique of painting with Perga Colours Exclusive (PCE’s) (21431). The six cards are designed and created by registered Pergamano teacher Anja Bakker (NL). On some of the cards she also used tinta ink, pintura paint and perga liners this way you will discover the wide range of creative possibilities with the PCE’s. As the title indicates, each card features a colourful garden scene. The magazine contains the work descriptions, colour examples and patterns of the projects. (24 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and French).



Pergamano - Wildlife (M87)


M87 Wildlife is composed especially for the advanced Pergamano® enthusiast who enjoys painting. The six designs are made by Ria van der Ploeg who painted realistic looking wild animals with perga liners. The projects are large in size and all include a remarkable grid border which makes them very suitable for framing. In the magazine you will find an explanation about painting with perga liners, the work descriptions, colour examples and patterns of the projects. (28 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and French).



Pergamano -
Fabulous Fans (M90)


Sara Keen (UK), also known from M74 and M80, shows her talents once again in this beautiful magazine M90. Her fan designs are created by three different Pergamano authors/teachers; Hiskia Wittenaar, Nettie Kramer and Olga Laenen. On each fan a certain painting technique is applied, among which the one stroke painting technique, painting with perga liners and with pintura. White work is also included in her designs. The rose is the main subject on each of the fans and the beautiful colors of ink and paint that are used truly do them justice. The magazine is suitable for the advanced Pergamano enthusiast who has a preference for paint work. In the magazine you will find the work descriptions, color examples and patterns of the projects.




Pergamano - Colorful Butterflies (M91)


In M91, you will find six cards, on each one the butterfly is the focal point. All butterflies are made with perga liners (stripe technique) and for the flowers that are also illustrated on the card Nadine used the white work technique. And especially to serve the fans of the (multi) grids; a grid border is included on each card! In the magazine you will find the work descriptions, color examples and patterns of the projects. (20 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German and French).




Pergamano - Delfts Blue (M95)


6 projects in the popular Delfts blue theme painted with tinta and pintura. Designed and created by new designer Jannie v.d. Dool. With Dutch, English, German and French instructions. Medium level.



Pergamano - 3D Baby Furniture - M96


This pattern booklet contains 6 different patterns to make beautiful 3D baby furniture.



Pergamano - Pattern Pack (M99)


Colorful Flowers - A collection of colorful flower patterns by Hieke van der Veen of the Netherlands. Instructions come in both English and French plus Dutch and German.




Pergamano - Pattern Pack  (M100)


Religious Designs. Elisa Giudici (Italy) designed and created these 6 beautiful and stylish religious projects. The projects are created in white work and simple paint work using tinta. In the magazine you’ll find the work instructions, colour examples and patterns to the projects. (20 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German and French).




Pergamano - Pattern Pack  (M101)


Victorian Christmas - Nettie Kramer (NL) designed and created these 6 beautiful Victorian projects. The projects are created using among others tinta and pintura and are very nice for the advanced painter. In the magazine you’ll find the work instructions, color examples and patterns for the projects. (20 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German and French).



Pergamano Pattern Pack - Flower Coasters (M103)


This M series gives you 8 patterns which fit exactly in the new Pergamano Coasters (41401). Features a variety of techniques including White Work and Painting. Suitable for the beginners and advance Parchment. Includes instructions, patterns for the projects and color examples. (20 pages, A4 size, instructions in English, Dutch, German and French)




Pergamano Pattern Booklet - Elegant Ladies (M106)


Gail Sydenham (UK) has designed and created these 6 beautiful ladies. The theme of this magazine will appeal to many people because the projects are suitable for many occasions. Of all the techniques of painting on parchment, hair and faces seem to be the most challenging.



Pergamano - Pattern Booklet - Wedding (M107)


A wedding is always a popular theme with crafts. A wedding is a moment where people like to be creative and add a personal message to their projects. You will succeed with the help of these 6 beautiful and stylish cards made by Dorothy Holness (UK).



Pergamano Pattern Booklet - Summer Garden (M109)


6 Beautiful Summer projects by Linda Williams of the UK featuring cheerful, simple and modern cards to make. You'll find instructions, colour examples and patterns for the projects (20 pages) in A4 format in English, Dutch , German en French.



Pergamano Pattern Booklet - Spring Flowers (M110)


6 Beautiful Summer projects by Gerti Hofman of the Netherlands featuring soft spring colors. You'll find instructions, color examples and patterns for the projects (20 pages) in A4 format in English, Dutch , German en French.



Pergamano - Pattern Booklet- Christmas Boxes (M108)


Parchment paper can be used for so much more than just cards. It is firm and therefore very suitable for making boxes. You’ll get an idea of the possibilities in this magazine with the designs of registered Pergamano teacher Jannie van Schuylenburg (NL).



Pergamano - Lace Dreams  Book


In her second book, Miki Green shows you her collection of prettiest lace designs. The 23 various designs contain many different themes and ideas. All projects are designed with the help of different multi needle tools and cutting patterns.



Pergamano - livre - Rêves De Dentelle

Dans son deuxième livre, Miki Green vous présente sa collection des plus beaux modèles de travail en blanc. Les 23 projets variés portent sur différents thèmes et idées. Tous les modèles sont créés à l'aide de différents poinçons à plusieurs aiguilles et de patrons de coupe. Ceci rend ce livre de travail en blanc stimulant et polyvalent avec des exemples destinés à toutes occasions. Les patrons vous inspireront à réaliser vos propres bords perforés. En résumé, un livre agréable à feuilleter qui invite à se mettre immédiatement au travail. Format A4, 48 pages.


Pergamano - Christmas Treasures  Book


Christmas is a very special time, where families and friends come together to celebrate. It means different things to different people and Master Teacher Linda Williams has tried to reflect all aspects of this with a varied festive collection.



Pergamano - livre - Noël Magique

La Noël est une période très particulière dans laquelle la famille et les amis se rassemblent pour fêter. Noël signifie différentes choses pour différentes personnes. Linda Williams a tenté de faire ressortir tous ces aspects dans une collection de fête. Des exemples traditionnels alternent avec des modèles plus modernes et plus gais. En même temps les projets faciles alternent avec des modèles plus stimulants. Il y a une attraction suffisante pour celles qui aiment la peinture et pour celles qui aiment le travail en blanc. Ce livre est une véritable source d'inspiration pour réaliser et/ou créer vos propres souvenirs desquels vous serez certaines qu'on pensera à vous dans cette période de l'année. Format A4, 72 pages.